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Distinguished by a successful career as an Insurance Adjuster and Private Investigator, K.T. Tse seamlessly merges extensive expertise in risk assessment, claims analysis, and investigative acumen with a dynamic transition into the home inspection sector. With a proven track record of delivering meticulous and fair evaluations in the insurance landscape, K.T. Tse now brings an unparalleled commitment to property inspection, ensuring homes meet the highest standards of safety, compliance, and structural integrity.

K.T. Tse, Owner & Certified Inspector

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Your Modern Inspection Report Is Thorough, Yet Easy to Understand

Spectora report


Our reports feature a Repair Request Document generator for our agent partners. This helps agents quickly grab our language to copy/paste into their document to ask for repairs or concessions.


High-quality images in an HTML report so you can see what’s important. Our full, visual report is delivered within 24 hours of the inspection.

Useful & Mobile-Friendly

Issues are pointed out with who to call for more information. And you can do so easily whether you're on your phone or desktop.


Informational sections so you can learn about the home. We go through the report and findings with you and your client after the inspection.


You’re not just buying an inspection.

You're buying peace of mind.